1. Start by clicking at "ADD SENDER"


2. Select "Add Senders in bulk"

3. Click " CONTINUE"

4. Firstly select your email provider from the dropdown.

Then set the password separator. This is a separating character that you'll put between email address and password. A separator can be a colon ( : ) or semicolon ( ; ). Make sure you don't use dot ( . ) or at ( @ ) as a separator.


5. Paste emails into the text field. Each email has to be in a new line. The format should be email@address.com:password if you chose colon ( : ) as the separator.


6. Check "Update if exists" if you want to update the sender or senders that you already have in your Manyreach account.

Set a daily sending limit for all senders simultaneously. You can change this later for each sender individually or use the bulk settings option.