We are using a dedicated spin tag for A/Z testing. You can find it under the SPIN menu above the subject and email body editor. 


Clicking on AB Test from the SPIN menu will result in inserting {abtest|This is test A| This is test B|} spin tag.

Examples of subject lines

Replace "This is test A" and "This is test B" with your copy. You can include different variables in the test like the prospect's name, company etc.

{abtest|quick question|{{FIRST_NAME}}<>{{SENDER_FIRSTNAME}}|}


If you want more than A/B test, you just enter an additional variant followed by |, for example:

{abtest|quick question|Question|{{FIRST_NAME}}<>{{SENDER_FIRSTNAME}}|{{COMPANY}}|}

You can create unlimited variations for the subject and the email body.


Examples of email body

You can A/Z test only a part of the email body like below where the test will reveal if "this" or "next" week performed better. A/Z test tags are bolded for better visibility



do you have time {abtest|this|next|} week for a quick call about content marketing strategy?




Or you can test the whole email body like below. A/Z test tags are bolded for better visibility


{abtest|Hi {{FIRST_NAME}},

do you have time this week for a quick call about content marketing strategy?



|{{FIRST_NAME}}, can I send you a quick video about content marketing strategy?





Report with A/Z tests

In the campaign report, you'll see all the combinations of A/Z tests that you set. If you have two variants in the subject line 

{abtest|quick question|{{FIRST_NAME}}<>{{SENDER_FIRSTNAME}}|}

and two variations in the body {abtest|this|next|} you will get 4 variations and the report will look like this


Based on results you can then adjust the final copy of your subject line and email copy.



How many variants can I create?

As many as you can. Doesn't matter what step, you can add as many as you need.


Will Step 2 A follow Step 1 A? Or is it random?

It will be random because you can have multiple variants of each email body and/or subject line. (ex. 3 variants for the Subject line and 2 variants for the Initial email body). There is no option to match variants.